About The Compass Letters

Who are we? Why are we doing this?

Traveling opens the soul and clears the mind. Children big and small need their souls to be free and minds to be open to new. Our idea is about learning without limits through stories and written experiences. The Compass Letters are a series of stories written by various people in different places worldwide.

Such guides teach children of all ages - from 0 to 100+ - about geography, culture, fun facts, and serious ones. The letters are hand-drawn and written to be accessible for everyone, no matter the background or origin, and available in 4 languages (for now): English, German, Italian, and Spanish.

What’s behind?

There's a lot of careful planning behind the whole journey, as well as behind each and every letter. The stories are unique and original, with the illustrations on all items - map, envelope, letter, trivia and geo cards, postcard - hand-drawn. We are striving to stay green at all costs - recycled paper for the printed items, as well as green hosting for the website.
What is more, no surprises: the price includes the delivery by post from the very beginning.

Bundle composition depends on selected subscription type, with Globetrotter including all displayed items.

Meet the Team

Marco, the one who draws

Marco is the one shaping written words into images. His imagination and brushes give life to the Compass Stories. Passionate traveler himself, he is fond of converting his experiences into visual stories of all sorts. Always keep learning is his superpower allowing him to stay curious and up to date.

Personal Motto:
"If there's ananas on top, you cannot call that a pizza."

Julia, the one who writes

Julia crafts the Compass Stories.
She enjoys reading and writing everything, from shopping lists to diaries. For her, traveling is showing the world to her child. She enjoys gardening and knows everything grows with some light and lots of patience. Besides being a mom, she used to be a kindergarten teacher.

Personal Motto:
"Everything happens
for a reason."

Viorel, the one who builds

Vio is the main engine of the Compass Journey. A developer with an eye for details, he is always on the lookout for meaningful ways to keep his child entertained. Once a long-distance runner, he knows that any race is about staying on track and not quitting when it gets hard. He also likes making pancakes.

Personal Motto:
"A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor."

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