First of all, here is what you can find inside your envelope...

All the bundles include the monthly letter –  printed on a two-sided sheet of recycled paper, containing a unique story and hand-drawn, custom illustrations. Every month, the Compass travels to a new, real place in the world and reveals its beauties through the eyes of a local. 

If you´re a Globetrotter or an Explorer, the Map is an essential part of your travel kit. Delivered among your first letters, the map is an A2 size, Mercator projection with hand-drawn illustrations. You can track your journey along the Compass pathway – the detailed indications about how to do that will come in handy, together with the geo-coordinates you can find in the letter.

There we are! Use the sticker to mark the place the Compass visited , exactly where the parallel crosses the meridian.

Depending on the subscription, there are two different types of cards available.

Explorer bundles come with a monthly Geo Card. Printed on recycled cardboard, this card features essential information about where the place is, as well as its main geographical features. Apart from the Geo Card, the

Globetrotter bundles also include a  monthly Trivia Card. Also printed on recycled cardboard, this card includes a hand-drawn illustration and a series of interesting, fun facts about the place described in the corresponding letter.

Last but not least, the Globetrotter bundles also include a monthly Postcard. With hand-drawn illustrations,  also printed on recycled cardboard, you can choose to collect the postcards or send them yourself to someone you love, sharing your Compass Journey with them.

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Frequently Asked Questions below

First of all, a wonderful imaginary trip to a real destination somewhere on the globe. The letter is hand-drawn, 2-sided, and includes a description of the destination, habits, culture, and fun facts. Each letter is written from the point of view of a different local – every time a new surprise. 

Depending on your subscription type, various other formats (collectible postcards, for example) will be included – check the Subscribe page to see the currently available bundles.

The cost for a letter depends on the subscription type you selected. Check the Subscribe page for a clear overview – what you see is what you get, with all costs included from the beginning, no hidden costs.

Tracking is not available for any of the subscription types.

All letters are sent out on the first Monday of the last week in a month. From that moment onwards, please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery to happen and your letter to arrive in your inbox. For example, if you subscribed in the very beginning of a month, your first letter should arrive latest 6 weeks after your subscription.

YES! The letters are currently available in English, German, Italian, and Spanish. When ordering, you can select a language in the ordering form. This choice can later be changed, using the account you set up with your first order.

Please allow up to 3 weeks from the last Monday of the month for your letter to be delivered. If your mailbox is still empty by that date, drop us a message here. Make sure to check the ´I am already a customer.´ box and please use the same e-mail address you used for subscribing.

Of course! Just fill in the gift addressees address as delivery address. We can also add in with the first delivery a gift card letting your dear one know the gift comes from you. For this, mark the “This is a gift.” checkbox and fill in the name you want to show up on the card.

Of course! Just log into your account and edit your subscription accordingly. Mind that, just like with cancellation, the changes will come into effect when the subscription you have reaches its end. For example, if you switch from Adventurer to Globetrotter, the change will happen at the end of the last paid month. If you want to switch from Globetrotter to Adventurer, then you will be charged monthly only after the 12 months in the Globetrotter subscription have passed.

Simply log into your account using the My Account link on the top right corner of the screen to edit your subscription. Renewal is automatic depending on the subscription type you chose – Adventurer subscriptions are renewed monthly, Explorer – every 6 months, and Globetrotter – yearly. If cancellation is asked for, it will come into effect once the subscription period has ended.

Sure, but for the time being only via email. You can write (and we will be happy to answer) in English, German, Italian, Spanish or Romanian.

Yes, of course. The final prices are the same, all-inclusive, no matter where you order from, anywhere in the world. In case there are some local restrictions regarding incoming mail, we will let you know as soon as possible.

At the moment, credit card payment is available for all countries. Additional payment options might be added at a later point.

Depending on the subscription type, everyone will be recurringly charged on the 5th of the month.
For example, if you subscribe for Adventurer (Monthly) letter on April 7th, anytime after the 5th of the month, your next charge date will be the 5th of that following month (May 5th) to ensure you do not miss a month.  Your first letter will be sent out in May.
If you subscribe for Explorer (6 Months) subscription, on April 7th, you will be charged the 6-months subscription price on May 5th and start receiving letters in May (with 6 letters included, for May, June, July, August, September, and October). The next recurring payment will happen on November 5th, for the next 6 months period (November-May next year).

We will be sorry to see you go, but in order to cancel, just use My Account to cancel the automatic prolongation. Adventurer (Monthly) subscriptions can be canceled anytime after the 5th of the month for the upcoming month (if you cancel on the 6th, for example, you will receive one more letter but your card will not be charged again). Explorer (6-Months) and Globetrotter (12-Months) subscriptions can be canceled anytime along the subscription period before the renewal date (let´s say you subscribed April 7th, you should cancel anytime before November 5th, for example).

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