Share the #joy

This holiday season, share the joy of hand drawn letters with those you love

If you are already our customer, this holiday season, we are giving you the opportunity to share the joy with someone you love.

Here is how:

– Think who will be the one with whom you would like to share The Compass Letters joy. Choose wisely – each customer has the possibility to send a single Gift.

– Find out their (full) address.

– Fill in the form below, latest on December 15th, 2021. Make sure you use the same email address you used for subscribing, so we can identify you as a customer.

– That’s it 🙂

We will take care of the rest – your Gift will be sent out together with this December’s letters.

Compensation of the Gift value in money is not available. Each paying customer has the right to one single Gift, provided they submit the below form latest December 15th, 2021.

What will your loved one receive?

A Holiday Season The Compass Letters Gift in your language of choice (English, German, Italian or Spanish)

The Gift includes one letter, one postcard, and the two corresponding cards (trivia and geo).
We will also include a complimentary card mentioning the Gift is coming from you.

The letter will be sent out on your behalf without any additional costs. 

Fill the form below to receive your prize

We will use this information exclusively for sending out this one letter.
We stand by our promise of not sending unrequested messages.

The Compass Letters Team.